Beer Aboulafia, 2014

In this project I curated an exhibition on a beer bottles and after made an event to lunch the beer I had brewed.
The exhibition includes 50 different artists that made the labels for the beer.














Beer opener


Beer Aboulafia commercial , many thanks to Dor Fadlon, Tom Krasny, Boaz Debby and Uriel Hartov.
Music by Zohar Shafir and Alex Drool.



Uriel hartov                                                                                                                                      Sharon Fadida

Irad Lee

Yosi Asulin

Itay Sandovsky

Sahar Mor

Dudi Malka

Avi Nevo

Audri Collins

Michal Makaresco                                                                                                      Dan Schmahl

Oded Vertash