Achterhaus, 2020

For my residency at the Achterhaus I decided to take a playful approach and take the time to explore Hamburg and get inspired by it.
A week after I arrived I decided to contact Esmeralda Rosenberg – a well-known local fortune teller and ask her what should I do with my time at the residency. I wanted to see what could come out of this experience of going to her and hear her projections about my future.
The work below( sculptural objects, lithography and woodcut prints) are inspired by our meeting.

Sausage man, styrofoam, wood, plasticine, 70 x 60 cm

Untitled, styrofoam, wood, candles, plasticine, 70 x 60 cm

Preparation drawing

Candle man, woodcut, 50 x 40 cm

Untitled, wood, wool, shoes, 183 x 50 cm

Untitled, woodcut, 50 x 35 cm

Untitled, styrofoam, spray paint, 150 x 60 cm